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Global Sharing Week 2021 will run from June 21st-27th. The theme this year is hope. We aim to bring hope for people and planet. Find and share inspiring projects from around the world and add yours to the global Map of Hope.

What is Global Sharing Week?

Globally, we have enough surplus food, shelter and water to end poverty, hunger and homelessness. Global Sharing Week is the largest annual mass engagement campaign to promote and enable the sharing of vital resources with those who need them most, whilst protecting the planet at the same time. You can add your impact project to our global Map of Hope and show you care. Let's demonstrate that where we have poverty, we can have prosperity, where we have loneliness, we can have community and where we have landfill we can have reuse. 

Global Sharing Week 2020 ran from June 1st to June 7th 

In response to Covid-19, Global Sharing Week 2020 saw a coordinated online effort to ensure that those living in poverty received the vital resources they needed to survive the crisis. We created a global map of impact (below) listing projects worldwide that share resources to help the planet and people in need. Global Sharing Week 2020 saw 215 projects registered. The map can be accessed year round. 

Global Sharing Week 2019

During Global Sharing Week 2019, 540 events took place in 211 cities across 49 counties on every continent. It was the biggest yet. We reached over 100 million people worldwide.

2019 Called on Sharing to Change the World

Sharing has the power to change the world, it can help those most in need, protect the planet and transform society. By galvanising people to come together, to enable access to shared resources for those who need them most and promote the planetary benefits of swapping, borrowing and sharing, we can reduce the impact that humans have on the environment and build a happier, healthier, sustainable, more equal society.  

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