The Art of Emotional Creativity - A Crash Course in Self-Mastery


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06/22/2019 - 10:00 - 06/22/2019 - 13:30 Europe/Berlin


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HIGH VALYOU - Coachings & Workshops


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Emotional Intelligence is the master key for a happy and fulfilling life. For many people emotions are not easy to grasp and seem quite intangible. Yet they have a very profound impact on our lives. They influence our actions and the results that we then achieve.

By raising your emotional awareness and intelligence you can transform states of depression, anxiety or fear into lighter feelings such as love, joy and passion. This will not only change your own mood and productivity, but also the way you relate to other people!

In this workshop you are going to learn about the art of emotional creativity which includes:

  • Mindfulness techniques & meditation
  • Journaling in order to raise emotional awareness
  • Shifting your belief system from fear to love with gratitude
  • The bigger picture of how emotions influence our self-image
  • Mastering your mindset in order to create a positive shift in a split second

You are not at the effect of your emotions. You can take responsibility, own your feelings and shift into a loving and inspiring state of flow, which is natural to you. It is your decision. Turn things around and be the creator of your reality!

This energizing event is a wake-up call and your opportunity to tap into your highest potential! The simple yet powerful truths taught in this workshop will serve as a reminder for your creative nature and boost your self-confidence.

Julia Suciu is a Certified Professional Coach specialized in Emotional Intelligence and Mindset Design. Prior to her certification she studied at the University of Hohenheim and wrote her thesis about mindfulness meditation in the corporate environment. She is absolutely passionate about exploring neuroscience and combining her academic skills with her own experiences and insights about consciousness.

Be prepared for diving deep and having significant insights that will blow your mind!


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