Bike Tour SP - Rota Av. Paulista


Event Date
06/16/2019 - 13:30 - 06/16/2019 - 14:30 America/Sao Paulo


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One of the main financial centers of the city of São Paulo is also one of its most characteristic tourist attractions. The importance of Av. Paulista is not only in the economic center, but also in its cultural and entertainment centrality for Paulista. Due to the large number of companies, banks, consulates, hotels, hospitals, scientific and cultural institutions, thousands of people come from all over the city and from outside the city every day. In addition, the Paulista, as it is known, is an important axis of the city, connecting essential avenues such as Dr. Arnaldo, Rebouças, July 9, Brigadier Luís Antônio, May 23, Angelica and Consolação.

The Bike Tour SP tour through Av. Paulista passes through the following points:

  • Casa das Rosas
  • State School Rodrigues Alves
  • Av. Brigadeiro Luis Antônio
  • Building Gazeta
  • MASP
  • Mansion Franco de Mello
  • National Set




2355 Avenida Paulista
Cerqueira César 01311-300 SP