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06/17/2019 - 10:00 - 06/17/2019 - 18:00 Asia/Singapore


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Want to learn web development with your kids? This full day, hands-on workshop aims to equip beginners with web development skills and knowledge by coding a website from scratch. Using HTML for scaffolding, CSS for design and basic JavaScript for DOM manipulation, one can expect to have a fully functional profile site at the end of the workshop. Parents are encouraged to join!


Introduction To The Web

  • How Web Browsers work
  • Files the browser is looking for
  • Sites rendering differently on different browsers (Apple vs Google vs Mozilla, Browser wars)

Part 1: HTML

  • HTML structure tags (html, head, body)
  • Text tags (h1, h2, p, i, bold, strong, span)
  • Exercise: Personal Landing Page
  • Image, link and header tags
  • Anchor links for single page websites
  • Other misc elements (hr, br)

Part 2: CSS

  • Fundamentals of CSS
  • ID vs Class (Pros & Cons)
  • Exercise: ID vs Class Behaviors
  • Flexbox basics for grid structure
  • Exercise: Responsive Page methods
  • Margins & Paddings
  • Alignment
  • Flexbox Children
  • Important CSS Attributes
  • Debugging CSS,
  • Chrome DevTools
  • Import Google fonts

Part 3: JavaScript with Vue.JS

  • JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks
  • Variables, Functions, Modules
  • Debugging using console
  • Script loading behaviors
  • Exercise: Reactive Currency Calculator
  • Create a form with reactive inputs
  • Exercise: Using CSS Frameworks to build your app
  • Using Vue from CDN or Install
  • Fetching and using data in your app

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