Digital Maturity: State of the charity sector


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06/18/0209 - 18:00 - 06/18/2019 - 21:00 Europe/London


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In this meetup, we'll give an overview of where the charity sector is and where it's going in relation to digital maturity.

We'll have expert speakers and exciting news to inform you on the state of the sector. The second half of the session will open out into a practical hands-on workshop where you can explore and test out a range of different maturity models and frameworks, and identify where your organisation falls in the mix.

Speakers include:

- Megan Griffith Gray, NCVO

As head of digital, data and planning at NCVO, Megan has been overseeing the testing and redevelopment of the Digital Maturity Matrix - Already used by over 800 charities, the tool helps organisations to set goals in different areas of digital strategy and track progress against them. It helps identify gaps in their capabilities and processes, prioritise areas for development and benchmark themselves against other organisations. Megan will take us through the new tool and explain how it has been used to date to help charities progress.

- Zoe Amar, Zoe Amar Digital

Zoe is the chair of the Charity Digital Code of practice and for the last three years has convened the Charity Digital Skills Report, in partnership with Skills Platform. She'll give us an overview of the key stats and trends from the latest report, and what says about the sector's digital maturity and how it's changing. She'll also give an insight into how the Charity Digital Code is helping organisations understand and assess, what 'good' looks like across 7 key areas of digital (in the second part of this event you can explore how the Code can be applied to your organisation).

- Helen Lang, Innovation Unboxed

Helen runs Innovation Unboxed, a specialist consultancy which focuses on innovation and the strategic development of digital services in charities. As part of a wider piece of work funded by CAST, Helen has been working with Nissa Ramsey (Think Social Tech), to understand how best practice is described in charity use of digital: Over 63 types tools and guidance have already been discovered. Helen will share insights on the findings to date around the descriptions of digital maturity, similarities and differences in approach amongst the tools, and outline some of the pathways that have been defined. She'll also discuss what's next for the project.

We'll finish with time for drinks and networking, and head to a local pub afterwards (around 8.30pm).



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