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06/18/2019 - 18:30 - 06/18/2019 - 20:30 Europe/Dublin


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It's time to officially kick-off this group and meet for our 1st meetup!

We've decided to keep this first event simple and focus on pure networking and getting to know each other: who are the other members, what we are interested in and what we all expect from this group going forward.

We like the idea to keep an open agenda, where people interested in knowing more about coaching and mentoring can show up and have the opportunity to talk to coaches, mentors but also other likeminded individuals who are looking for someone who can support them in their life and careers.

Don't expect presentations, don't expect rigid timelines and a structured schedule. Expect instead a group of experts who are happy to donate their time, knowledge and passion. We would like you to walk out of the event with a clearer idea of whether you need and want a coach/mentor and maybe to find that person at the event.

You will be able to identify the coaches because they will be wearing a BLUE name tag. Mentors will have a GREEN tag while all other participants will wear a RED tag.

We encourage you to chat and talk with as many people as you can and explore the different type of personalities each coach and mentor have. We, as organisers, will do our best to make you feel at ease and for that we've restricted the number of participants to max 5 for each coach/mentor, to allow that type of personal conversation that it's only possible in small groups.

What are you waiting for? RSVP now and on the day of the event just show up at the bar and start talking to any us :)

Who can you expect to find:

Anna Pizzo (Coach) has been working in Human Resources for 10 years, in organisations big and small. As weird as it may sound, she actually enjoys looking for a job, for herself and for others. She would be very happy to offer life and career coaching, as well as tips and tricks to improve your CV and your interview skills.

Colleen Farrell (Coach) an Organisational Psychologist and transformational coach with a special interest in maternity coaching, executive coaching and coaching entrepreneurs. She's particularly close to the struggles of mums who need to make their previous life work while also taking care of children and would like to help other women who are going through a similar journey or are getting ready to do so. She has a contagious laugh, you can't miss her!

Georgina Byrne (Mentor) has worked at a senior leadership level in Irish local government leading teams of 100+ staff. She is currently working as a consultant for Cooperation Ireland and is a passionate believer in the power of mentoring and coaching - particularly for women on their career development pathway. She also likes good red wine and bad country music!

Al Williams (Coach) has worked in the Technology Industry for the past 15 years and currently serves in a senior leadership role at New Relic Inc. Being a father to 2 young girls, Al spends a good bit of his time championing for a more gender-balanced workforce and mentors/coaches both men and women to achieve their goals and reach their potential. His tagline #livelovelaugh

Francesco Bianchi (Mentor) is an Agile Coach with 10+ experience as Software Developer. He has spent his life constantly looking for mentors who could help him realize his potential. He feels it's now his turn to give back to the community and has therefore recently started supporting actively the cause of women in tech. He talks a lot and loves to share stories about food.

NOTE: as we are a group of volunteers at their first gathering, we are not sponsored by any company. Because of that, there will be no complimentary food or drinks. However, there will be a lot of talking on the evening, so feel free to order a drink for yourself at the bar if you get thirsty.



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