How to Improve Relationships


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06/16/2019 - 10:30 - 06/16/2019 - 13:30 Asia/Dili


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Have you ever experienced a relationship that has soured into bitter or unresolved conflict? Have you ever attempted to connect with someone and seen your efforts come to nothing? What if you could resolve any upset and restore harmony? What if you could build positive relationships that last? The knowledge you will learn about today relates not just to your intimate relationships but all your relationships IE: Kids. Parents, Siblings, Friends, Boss, Colleagues, Ex Partners etc You Can The secret to successful relationships depends upon knowing what underlies all human relations, and nothing teaches you that basic foundation better than what is covered in this Meetup! Relationships Determine Your Happiness And Success For some people, creating and sustaining meaningful relationships is effortless, but for many others, it is a complex struggle that poses significant challenges. Whether your focus is on intimate relationships, friendships, or professional business relationships, there are certain fundamentals that make a relationship more meaningful and long-lasting. At the Meetup you will learn about: • How to start new relationships • The 3 basic components of understanding • How to resolve conflicts • How to improve any past relationships that have gone sour • The two rules for happy living • How to build strong and lasting relationships Take control of your relationships! Attend this free Class. FREE entry, Free Parking. This free class is open to all people of goodwill and is held at the Scientology Delhi Center. Our meetup classes contain knowledge that is universal and apply to all the worlds people. They contain TOOLS for life. Contact me at 9953150911 for any kind of queries.



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