Innovaction - Let's create an ecosystem in Rome together


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06/19/2019 - 17:30 - 06/19/2019 - 20:30 Europe/Rome


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We create an ecosystem for freelancers, creators, entrepreneurs and start-ups in Rome - We grow together 

Rome is a big and vibrant startup city. We want to create a relevant and stimulating ecosystem together with freelancers, small business owners, start-ups, coaches, creatives, entrepreneurs and all the people who want to start a business. 

Let's discover our shared history. Let's talk about what we really need from a start-up ecosystem to grow our business better and faster? What would make Rome a better place to do business? And how to do it if not with innovation!

The session is characterized as a real facilitated workshop, and will see the use of the best techniques to make the dialogue generative and 100% -100%, or where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to co-create a shared result. 

The results will be used as input to create an ecosystem that we believe we all have and that truly represents our community. All inputs will be available to the community to allow open cooperation. And, of course, it's also a great way to meet friends, freelancers and co-founders. 

Join other business enthusiasts in this open brainstorming and enjoy the best food at the Central Market Roma Termini. 

Let's share all the ideas and let's start the boat together!

The event is free, but you need to register at

Who should attend  The meeting is open to all, we expect entrepreneurs, start-ups, coaches, small business owners, creatives, freelancers, people who want to start a business 

What participants will receive  Connections (facilitated network)  Find out how to create more business together  Brainstorm an ecosystem that can help us grow and move forward 

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36 Via Giovanni Giolitti
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