Innovations for Agricultural Development Egypt


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06/20/2019 - 13:30 - 06/20/2019 - 16:00 Africa/Cairo


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A combination of key domestic reforms and rapid technological advances at the global level have opened a tremendous window of opportunity for Egypt’s agriculture and agribusiness sectors. Currently, these sectors contribute to 25% of Egypt’s GDP and use 86% of the country’s water resources. To keep up with its growing domestic market, and to realize its untapped export potential, Egypt will need to become a highly efficient agricultural producer and supplier. 

Digital technologies have significant potential to improve efficiency, equity, and environmental sustainability throughout the food system. They can: significantly reduce the costs of linking sellers and buyers; reduce inequalities in access to information, knowledge, technologies, and markets; help farmers make more precise decisions on resource management by providing, processing, and analyzing an increasing amount of data faster; and potentially reduce scale economies in agriculture, thereby making small-scale producers more competitive.

This seminar will focus on innovation in agriculture in pursuit of sustainable development. It will highlight how digital technologies can be used to: (i) raise the efficiency of the agricultural sector and improve extension services and (ii) help attain the strategic objectives of Egypt’s Vision 2030. Panelists will also showcase practical solutions from Egypt and other countries, and discuss the investments and policies required to better link farmers to markets.

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