Loving Cities


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06/20/2019 - 20:00 - 06/20/2019 - 22:00 Europe/Amsterdam


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Cities have always been a platform for emancipation. A city brings people together and offers the opportunity to look for the meaning of origin, gender, sexuality, religious background and social class. But this search also sharpens the differences. How do we connect the super diverse city? With thinkers, authors and bridge builders Khalid Benhaddou, Babah Tarawally and Chantal Suissa-Runne.

Connecting cities. A city makes communities, strengthens people's voice and changes the way we treat each other throughout society. A city offers the opportunity to reinvent yourself, to form an identity and to find like-minded people. But this search also reveals the differences, builds a closed bubble and polarizes. How can we counteract this polarization? Can we connect the city on the basis of universal values, without therefore also denying the reality of the individual?

Universal values ​​can be misused to deny the reality of the individual. Then people are advised not to name a color, for example, so that we can rest on shared citizenship. But such a strategy is inclusiveness based on denial, not recognition. But how can we, after recognition, take the step to rise above the dividing lines and live together on the basis of universal values? Or is this strategy doomed to fail in advance when it turns out that universal values ​​can only be used as a suppressive mechanism? How can universal values ​​be used to successfully achieve an inclusive city?



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