Minority Report - Social justice, Diversity and Inclusion


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06/18/2019 - 09:30 - 06/18/2019 - 16:30 Europe/Amsterdam


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In 2050, Amsterdam will no longer be characterized by a single socio-cultural majority.

Despite growing diversity in demography, other statistics illustrate how inclusion and equality on an urban level remains a challenge in different domains. What does this mean for education, employment, healthcare, cultural institutions, and urban planning? We explore these and other questions with among others: Maurice Crul (Professor Identities, Diversity and Inclusion, VU Amsterdam), Philomena Essed (Professor Critical Race, Gender and Leadership Studies, Antioch University Midwest) and Glenn Helberg (Psychiatrist, Amsterdam).

Amsterdam is, like cities worldwide, subject to continuous change. It is a so-called ‘hyper-diverse city’, on the list with London, New York, Mumbai and many more. How do existing institutions, businesses, and public spaces adapt to a growing and diversifying society? Who are actively participating in the city and who live rather segregated lives? Who is responsible for the shift from diversity to inclusion? How do cities evolve from merely being diverse into being inclusive within domains of education, health, work, culture, and urban planning? During this conference, we pay close attention to intersectionality, social justice and the distribution of power and agency. The programme is moderated by Zoë Papaikonomou.



179 Piet Heinkade


Amsterdam 1019 HC