Narayana Yoga Day


Event Date
06/21/2019 - 16:00 - 06/22/2019 - 20:00 America/Sao Paulo


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The International Yoga Day is celebrated on June 21 - day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and winter here in the Southern Hemisphere.

And to commemorate that date, the Narayana Yoga Studies Center opens the door for everyone who wants to participate in the festivities.

We will offer several free events throughout June 21 and 22, with closing of activities in the light of a lively bonfire - after all, June 24 is St. John!

Join us and come to experience Yoga in its various aspects.

Om Yoga!

Hatha Yoga: practice for beginners or students who have never had contact with yoga. Complete class with explanations, demonstration and individual accompaniment, mantras, asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing) and relaxation.

Hatha Yoga (advanced): for experienced yoga practitioners who want to know our special method, created by the founder of Narayana and who is still alive today, through their dedicated teachers.

Children's Yoga: for children from 7 to 12 years. Based on ethics, she works on motor coordination, concentration, balance, teamwork and breathing. Develop listening and action with respect, trust and love.

Adolescents: work the body and mind, self-esteem, confidence. It intensifies attention, concentration and meditation, preparing for adult life in a balanced and happy way.

Hormonal Yoga: natural technique of holistic approach. Through internal massaging and directing reactive energy the production of hormones, with revitalizing exercises of the endocrine system.

Vardhaka: class for the elderly. Special lesson for people who have abandoned the exercises at times and want to start over again with ease, as well as for those who have never dedicated themselves to physical exercises. Asanas (postures) are given in a simpler way, with all the explanations to become deep and efficient, with emphasis on concentration, interiorization and relaxation.

Meditation: one of the ways to reach your true essence in a conscious way.

108 Suryas: Come and experience the welcome of winter in sync with a special mantra and your breath. There will be 108 opportunities! Enjoy what you can, with attention to the present and without expectation to just repeat for 108 times.

Relaxation: aims at self-control and awareness of the body. It fixes in the glandular system all the energies mobilized during the practice. People who know how to relax live and relate better.

Yoga in Mat Pilates: Come discover how yoga and pilates complete, with development of strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and gain in quality of life. Joseph Pilates had great influence from Yoga where many of his movements were inspired.

Iyengar Yoga: practice of asanas (postures) with emphasis on physical and subtle alignment.

Restorative Yoga: passive asanas (postures) and long stays. It welcomes first-time and experienced practitioners, including those with mobility difficulties.

Satsang Book Club: reading a text and conversation.

Satsang Cine Club: viewing a short video and sharing impressions.



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