National Blockchain Challenge: Pitches + panel discussion


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06/16/2019 - 10:00 - 06/16/2019 - 16:30 Asia/Singapore


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The National Blockchain Challenge 2019 connects institutions, academics, developers, students, and blockchain enthusiasts.

About this Event

Are you wondering about the future of blockchain? Are you interested in how you could get into the emerging technology industry, like blockchain and cybersecurity?

The future of work is defined by two elements. Firstly, there is increasing globalisation resulting in the gig-economy, which may result in many freelancers not being paid in an accountable, inclusive and trusted manner. Secondly, automation will inevitably result in the many professions being wiped out, and many workers will be displaced. Against this backdrop, how can we use blockchain technology to design a better future of work?



On 16th June, we will have a series of events alongside our hackathon to answer these questions.

We will be have VIP speeches and 3 insightful panels with industry veterans and experts. Here is a detailed breakdown of the event.

10:30AM: Pitching start. LT + Event Hall 1-1

12:40PM: Organiser opening spech

12:55PM: Opening speech

1:10PM: Keynote speech


1:30PM: Youth Perspective on decentralised technology

  • Blockchain technology is an emerging technology which embraces decentralisation. Yet, what is “decentralisation”-- is there something substantial to this technology, is it just hope, or is blockchain technology even needed when there is hyperledger technology?
  • In this exclusive youth panel, we will discuss what young blockchain enthusiasts think about this topic, both from a practical and academic perspective.

2:00PM: Future of blockchain: Moving beyond proof of concept

  • Exploring how government, corporations and startups could work together and benefit on blockchain.
  • Discussion on the sector that scores high on feasibility and viability of blockchain.

2:30PM: Future proof yourself: Preparing for digital disruption

  • Conversation between academic institutions and corporations on future of work.
  • Sharing about the innovative technology and the current disruptions that are happening. This will not be limited to blockchain, it will also tap into the future of automation and emerging technologies, e.g. cybersecurity.

3:00PM: Finalist pitch

4:00PM: Event lucky dip

4:20PM: Prize presentation

About event

This is part of a grassroot effort to contribute to the community as industry players and blockchain enthusiasts. This workshop is part of the National Blockchain Challengesupported by Lifelong Learning Institute, which includes a blockchain hackathon, panel discussions and workshops.


Where to find more information

For more information, visit www.globalTechChallenge.comor email us at



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