Plant Based picnic, Zero Waste Style


Event Date
06/16/2019 - 13:00 - 06/16/2019 - 16:00 Australia/Melbourne


Ticket Price Amount

Bring a plate of plant based food (less processed the better!) to share and enjoy the company of people who are walking the same plant based journey as you are. If by any chance you can't bring any food with you, that's ok - let us know before the event and we will cook extra and in return we'll ask you for some donation.

Welcome also those who are new to this lifestyle and are still getting to know the amazing benefits plants have on human bodies! Bring along your friends or people who would benefit from this friendly gathering and let's have fun together!

!!NEW!! Introducing ZERO WASTE lifestyle - so please bring your plate, cutlery and glass/bottle so we can reduce waste and keep planet clean together!

At this event we are joining together RAW and COOKED plant based community. Please, plant based food/drinks only. (VEGAN if easier to understand). Meaning NO DAIRY, NO EGGS, NO HONEY, NO MEAT/ FISH PLEASE. Focus is on Whole Plant Based Food, less processed the better :) No ALCOHOL please.

We will have a short entertainment/education session in between to add some variety to our meetup. :)

You are welcome to bring picnic blanket and any kind of sport activity that might help with connecting the group.

We do appreciate any extra donation that helps to cover the cost of the organisation of the meetup event.

In case of bad weather, the picnic is moving indoors: EQ tower 135 A'Beckett Street, meeting in the lobby



380 William Street


3000 VIC