Transformational Conversations: A Taster Workshop


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06/19/2019 - 18:30 - 06/19/2019 - 21:30 Europe/London


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At Transformational Conversations: A Taster Workshop, our Conversation Coaches, Georgie Nightingall and Matteo Trevisan, will teach you three key tools to ignite greater depth and authenticity into your conversations. The workshop is an introduction to the skills you will develop on Trigger’s 4-week Transformational Conversation Programme, in July this year.

To give you flexibility, we are running four taster workshops in May and June. For more detail: ___________


・The Conversational Mind-Set ・ How to develop an open and curious attitude, whereby we feel unattached to leading the conversation in any particular destination, and instead discover the sense of freedom that comes in relieving our expectations and being open to collaborative discussions.

・Navigating Small Talk・ Learn how to give and receive “offers” that quickly take conversations “off-script”. You will also learn techniques that develop authenticity and lead to new insights and possibilities that are anything but small talk.

・Going Deep, Quickly!・ Learn about the three levels of depth, as well as how to navigate from surface level facts and details, to hidden nuances and the true inner experience of other human beings.


· Your conversations feel stuck, frustrating and uninspiring. · You want to inject more character into your conversations but are not sure how. · You want to learn skills that will help you expand your social and professional networks. · You sometimes find starting conversations tricky and feel a bit stuck. · You want to ignite your existing relationships with fresh energy. · You already love conversation and want to discover how to make it even better! ___________


Georgie Nightingall

The Founder of Trigger Conversations – Georgie has empowered 1300+ people to have over 5000 meaningful conversations at Trigger events. A TEDx speaker, Transformational Life Coach and Philosophy Specialist in Schools, she is addicted to conversations and determined to find the ultimate DMC (that’s Deep and Meaningful Conversation).

Matteo Trevisan

Founder of Fearless Future Coaching, Matteo is a Coach, Leadership Trainer, Coaching Trainer and Public Speaker. After evolving through a number of careers including Physics research and teaching in high performance schools, Matteo discovered the language and techniques of life coaching and its power to facilitate transformation in peoples' view of the world and themselves. ____________


1. What is the structure of the workshop? Will there be a break? 6.30-7.00: Arrival and enjoy some drinks and nibbles 7.00-8.00: Exploring Mind-set and Navigating Small Talk 8.00-8.15: Break 8.15-8.45: Intro to the Transformational Conversations programme. 8.45-9.30: Going Deep, Quickly!

2. Where is it? Bermondsey, 10mins’ walk from London Bridge station. In a large co-working space.

3. What do I need to bring? Yourself. An open mind. And adventurous spirit. ____________

What People Say

'The training has taught me things about myself and ways to improve my behaviour. I wish I had an opportunity to join an event like this more often in my life.'

'Clear, concise and engaging. Clearly structured - a nice mix of practical exercises and talking interaction. Nicely broken down into different sections. Clear, sensible and practical ideas to take away and try whatever level you are at. ____________

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