Women's Sharing Circle & Cacao around the Fire


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06/21/2019 - 20:00 - 06/21/2019 - 21:30 Africa/Abidjan


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Valentina Mathias
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Come for a beautiful, healing and simply structured evening.  Commencing with a traditional smudging ceremony to clean your aura with Sarah. Then inside to be guided by Valen through a relaxing essential oil technique to release the day's energy.  Everyone comes into a circle and we have a word from each woman to know how you are today.  Then an introduction to the evening's topic by Sarah and Valen. Followed by sharing, energy work and closing by bringing you into alignment with the vibrational resonance of Joy - this sustains your Spirit well into the weekend and following week.  We finish with a cacao drink around the fire (weather permitting) and oracle card decks will also be available if you wish to pull a card and sit with that - be in your own space or socialize around the fire.  Come back each week for sharing, clearing and energetic top ups with your women friends.

E: healer.valentina@gmail.com W: www.balancebeginswithme.com



Higher Grounds Cafe
263 Avoca Drive
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