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06/20/2019 - 06:00 - 06/20/2019 - 23:00 Europe/London


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In a world where violence forces thousands of families to flee for their lives each day, the time is now to show that the global public stands with refugees.

World Refugee Day 2019 is on June 20th. This is an annual event, held on the same date each year, and 2019 is the 19th year of the event, run by the United Nations Refugee Agency, to state that the world supports and stands with refugees. The event is about raising global awareness of global responsibility for refugees.

To do this, the UN Refugee Agency launched the #WithRefugees petition in June 2016 to send a message to governments that they must work together and do their fair share for refugees.

World Refugee Day held every year on June 20th, honors the strength, courage and perseverance of millions of refugees. and encourages public awareness and support of the refugees, people who have had to flee their homelands because of conflict or natural disaster. 

Refugees are vulnerable and in need, and are often misunderstood and maligned, and often have very little or nothing of their possessions and little food, they often have to leave their homes with nothing or with what they can carry. They suffer cold, hunger, trauma, despair, disease, violence and loss. The awareness day is to help public understanding of refugees as well as raising support and help.

Across the world, agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, work tirelessly to help refugees, but with people being made refugees daily, more help and awareness is constantly needed, to ensure that refugees are treated fairly and provided for, rather than being neglected or shunned, and there are projects to re-settle and provide for refugees. So World Refugee Day highlights all of this. And now it also marks the launch of the ‘With Refugees’ petition, which will state the needs and potential rights of refugees.



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