WorldWide SenseFiction Day 2019


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06/22/2019 - 14:00 - 06/22/2019 - 18:00 Africa/Casablanca


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WorldWide SenseFiction Day 2019

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The worldwide sense_fiction day is the day (Saturday, June 22 at 14h) where dozens and dozens of cities around the world will work at the same time to imagine and develop concrete solutions to deal with climate change.

It is a creativity workshop that will be organized by makesense Casablanca hotspot; Really this is an opportunity not to be missed for us as citizens to do an action that makes sense.

we want to try something: Saturday, June 22, during the sensefiction day, we propose to gather (activists, committed, and curious, everyone and welcome) to imagine concrete and collective actions to set up to do to evolve the system, work together for the planet and multiply our strike force.


* What are we going to do: A creativity workshop

* Location: Mediatheque of the Hassan II Mosque Foundation of Casablanca

* Who can participate: Everyone is welcome

* Date: Saturday, June 22

* Schedule: 14h - 2:00 pm - JOUJ PILA

This event is organized by "makesense Casablanca Hotspot" do not forget it's a free event; just register by clicking on the link below!


makesense is an international organization that mobilizes citizens around the world on issues that are important to them; makesense connects its volunteers with social entrepreneurs to help them solve their problems and support their development.

In 8 years, +33,000 volunteers have supported 3,000 social entrepreneurs.

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