About Global Sharing Week

What is Global Sharing Week?

Global Sharing Week is an annual celebration of Sharing. It’s the largest worldwide mass engagement campaign on Sharing and the Sharing Economy.

In 2019, 540 events took place in 211 cities across 49 countries and all continents.

At the heart of this is the question ‘Can sharing change the world?’ By highlighting the myriad of ways Sharing is creating an impact, it helps millions discover and participate in the Sharing Economy – a socioeconomic movement promoting the sharing of, and access to, resources, while putting people and planet first.

Created by The People Who Share, Global Sharing Week highlights the importance of community, citizenship, poverty alleviation, inclusivity and the protection of the planet, enabling us to build a healthy, sustainable society based around Sharing. Since its founding, it has reached over 100 million people worldwide, with events across all continents.

Alongside founding partner, Shareable, we work with a network of over 300 partners worldwide to shine a spotlight on the growing Sharing Economy to enable millions more discover how Sharing can transform society and change lives.

To learn about more about how you can get involved, visit our Resources page. And don’t forget! Post photos of your event on the Global Sharing Week Flickr page.


2019 demonstrated the power of sharing to change the world

In 2019, the global sharing week highlighted the power of sharing to transform our planet. It was the biggest global sharing week yet. 540 events took place in 211 cities in 49 countries and all continents, reaching over 100 million people.

Events included - Pop-up Market, Share The Kindness in Singapore, Speed Clean-up in Austria, Community Fun Day, Cloth Swap Party in Australia, Story Sharing Picnic in Columbia, Planet Earth Sharing in Argentina, Youth Empowerment in Nigeria, Meet and Swap in Egypt, The Big Share in United Kingdom, Makers Party in United States, Spoon Share in Thailand, The Utopian Sharing Dinner in Netherlands, Ideas Sharing in South Africa.

This week also saw the publication of Generation Share, an awe-inspiring book, telling the stories of change-makers worldwide who are building a sustainable Sharing Economy. The 'big yellow book of hope' is made from waste materials and each copy educates a girl in the slums in Mumbai (Sakhi School for Girls, one of our change-maker projects) and plants a tree through the Eden Reforestation Project. You can find out more about the book here

2018 highlighted the impact of sharing

In 2018, Global Sharing Week highlighted the social impact of sharing around the world, to shift the focus away from what’s wrong with the world to what’s right with it. Our most successful Global Sharing Week to date, 456 events took place in 247 cities across 39 countries on all continents, reaching over 100 million people.

Events included a mass Rubbish Run in Australia, a Disco Soupe (feeding hundreds from waste food) in France, the community Big Lunch in the UK, Double Haven Junk Boating in Hong Kong, the Big Beach Clean in Italy and the Super Digital Skills Share for Her in Kenya. In the UK, Norwich launched itself as a Sharing City and projected the Sharing City logo onto Norwich Castle for the Week.

The Week also saw the release of ‘Why Share?’, a powerful song by 15-year-old Brighton based singer-songwriter, Rifka Ravenna about the benefits of sharing resources. The People Who Share commissioned Rifka to write the song, which encapsulates the reasons why Sharing can change lives.

Global Sharing Week was launched at the House of Commons, hosted by MP Caroline Lucas and attracted cross party and cross sector support. Lindsay Boswell, CEO of FareShare gave a memorable speech about the impact of food sharing and Susan Kabani CEO of Ugenie talked about the importance of connected communities. You can see more videos of the event here and here.

Global Sharing Week 2017

In 2017 over 354 events took place in 113 cities, across 34 countries on every continent! It was a tremendous success and we reached millions around the globe. Check out a bunch of images here from the different events that happened all over the world during the week.

Thanks to everyone that made the Global Sharing Week 2017 a great success! We’d also like to thank Lord Stone of Blackheath for his support at our launch event in London and a huge thanks to Global Sharing Week's lead sponsors RateSetter, Onfido, and Skrill.

How it all started…

At The People Who Share we believe everybody should experience the benefits of sharing. This is why in 2012 we created National Sharing Day - a day to celebrate sharing and encourage people to share. National Sharing Day was a huge success and became Global Sharing Day that same year. In June 2015 we decided to go BIG, and created Global Sharing Week. With activities and campaigns happening all over the world, #GlobalSharingWeek reached over 80 million people worldwide with over 126 registered events on every continent!

Explore photos of Global Sharing Week 2015, 2016 and 2017, where you’ll also find our list of partners.

Check out the reports from the previous years here:

We are proud to say that Global Sharing Week is the world's largest mass engagement campaign helping millions of people to discover the Sharing Economy! Check out all the sharing action on Twitter.

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