7 Awesome Ways You Can Be Part of Global Sharing Week

Originally published on The People Who Share blog on April 16, 2016

100 million people... five continents… 300+ partners… Last year's Global Sharing Week saw millions around the world celebrating and discovering the Sharing Economy! So how can you get involved? We’ve put together a list of seven awesome ways you can be part of it…

A group of people sitting at a long table outside sharing food.
  1. Organise an event: It’s easy to organise an event for #GlobalSharingWeek. You could arrange a Pop Up Share by getting together with your friends for a picnic or clothes swap. Just pick a scenic public spot (e.g. a local park) and ask friends to bring along food, drink, and a picnic blanket to share. Put the picnic blankets together with food and drink in the middle, and start sharing. Check out our other top picks for more ideas. 
  2. Attend an event: There are events happening all over the world for Global Sharing Week. Check out our global events map (which is coming soon) for details of events near you.

  3. Join in the conversation on Twitter: You can be part of the global conversation and shout about what you are sharing using the hashtag #GlobalSharingWeek Don’t forget to post photos of what you are sharing!

  4. Become a Partner: If you an organization who’d like to be a partner, signing up is easy and free! You can join a network of partners from around the world to celebrate the real Sharing Economy and connect with millions worldwide. You can download our Supporter pack with details on how to become a partner here.

  5. Become a Sponsor: Are you a company who would like to align yourself with the growing Sharing Economy? This is your opportunity to support Global Sharing Week and connect with millions worldwide. You can download our Supporter pack with details on how to become a sponsor here. 

  6. Become a Volunteer: The People Who Share is currently seeking volunteers to help grow the Sharing Economy and help millions discover it via Global Sharing Week. You can help organize events, promote the movement, connect with partners on every continent and make friends worldwide! You can download our Supporter pack with details on how to become a volunteer here. 

  7. Join the movement: The People Who Share is a social enterprise that helps people and companies discover and access the Sharing Economy. Our mission is to mainstream the Sharing Economy worldwide. We work with a network of partners worldwide to deliver services and activities for people and companies including: campaigns, like our flagship Global Sharing Week; access to goods and services for your every day life via our Share Collectionpublic speaking, workshops, events and corporate consultancy helping organisations across the private, public and voluntary sectors succeed in the Sharing Economy; building ShareTech tools and innovation, research and intelligence. We also host the Share Guide, the largest directory of Sharing services worldwide. We help people discover that if you’ve ever rented, swapped, exchange, borrowed, you’re part of the growing Sharing Economy. To join the movement, connect with others and receive regular updates on events, activities and the growing Sharing Economy, sign up here.